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Credit Card Rolls

Find the correct roll by using our instant compatibility checker:

We are proud to offer credit card rolls from over 120 different manufacturers - to ensure that you, the client, can benefit from exactly the right credit card roll for your needs, whether thermal credit paper, 1 or 2ply action. Choose from the numerous manufacturers and models of credit card terminal's available from the scroll down menus below:

Artema Credit Card Paper

Hybrid, Desktop, Portable

Axalto Credit Card Paper

Magic m3, Magic x8, Magic x5, Magic x1000, Magic 6100, Magic c5, Magic 6000, Magic 5100  Magic 6000

Barclaycard Credit Card Paper

TT42 2Ply, TT42 Thermal, TT41 2Ply, TT41 Thermal, Eclipse, Classic

Cardmate Credit Card Paper

CM230, Cardmate III, Cardmate II, 2 Plus, XT52, Cardmate

Dione Credit Card Paper

Xtreme, Xplorer, Xchequer

Gemalto Credit Card Paper

Magic C, Magic 3, Magic x8, Magic x5, Magic c5, Magic 6100,

Magic 6000, Magic 5100

Handepay Credit Card Paper

VX601, VX570, TT41 Thermal, 7780, VX670, TT42 Thermal

HSBC Credit Credit Paper

Cardmate 2, XT52, MT110, MT2000, Racel,

Hypercom Credit Card Paper

Optimum T4220, Optimum T4210, Optimum T4100, Optimum T2100, Optimum M4240, Optimum M4230 Optimum M2100, Ice 7000, Ice 6500, Ice 5700, Ice 5501, Ice 5500 Plus, Ice 5500, Ice 5000, Ice 4000

Ingenico Credit Card Paper

7310, AquaBio 930, Classic, ICTSeries, 710, 730, F85, I 5100, I 5300, I7300, I7700, I 7770, I 7910, TT42, TT42-2Ply, TT41, TT41-2Ply, Elite, Classic, 8550, 7810, 7780, 7770, 7700, 7300, 71005100

Paycell Credit Card Paper

MPT 500, MPT510, Paycell

Payzone Credit Card Paper


Sagem Credit Card Paper

Monetel, Monetel EFT930

Schlumberger Credit Card Paper

Magic 5100, Magic 6000, Magic 6100, X1000

Streamline Credit Card Paper

Streamline, 6100, Pronto, VX670, Explorer, 5100, Exchequer, X1000, VX810 Duet, X8, VX810

Thales Credit Card Paper

Artema Desktop, Artema Portable, Cardmate2, XT52

Thyron Credit Card Paper

MPT 500 Paycell

Verifone Credit Card Paper

 VX520, VX820 Duet, VX820, Explorer, VX810 Duet, VX810, VX670, VX610, VX570, VX510, Omni 3750, Omni 3740, Omni 3600

Alternatively access the correct information quickly and easily with our simple -to-use compatibility checker.

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